The SKIN DIET (PART 1: bad foods)

Acne, dullness , puffiness all things we struggle with and try to combat with a plethora of products. Well have you ever tought that your diet my be the cause or that you can improve it by adding something into your diet?

images 1 SUGAR

WHY : Steer clear of that candy jar. Sugar can overload what’s called the insulin                      pathway. That affects your blood vessels and accelerates skin’s aging process. It has also been demonstrated a link between high consumption of sugar and acne

HOW:To satisfy a sweet tooth, turn to fruit. Since natural sugars are more complex, your body processes them more slowly, avoiding the overload that ages skin.

images2 COFFEE

WHY:The ultimate pick-me-up packs a double dose of aging elements. Coffee not only stains your teeth, replacing the pearly whites of your younger years, but also dehydrated your body, causing skin to dry out and look less youthfully plump. Plus, wrinkles around eyes become more prominent when the body’s not properly hydrated.                                                                                                                                                              HOW: consider switching coffee with green tea which will give you the same amount of energy, and if you really can`t give up coffee try drinking the same amount of water to that of coffee on top of the  recommended daily water intake, and don`t forget to moisture well.

images3 RED MEAT

WHY:Eating it more than once a week is linked to wrinkling, as well as serious health risks. According to the research, the high level of carnitine, a compound abundant in animal protein, can harden blood vessel walls, causing skin to crease prematurely.

HOW:red meat can be a good source of vitamin B12, which is crucial for red blood cells and brain function but seafood and many dairy products are also rich in the vitamin.


WHY:Foods like white bread and pasta have a high glycemic index, which inflames skin and produces reactive oxygen species. Those break down collagen, which keeps skin strong, and elastic, which keeps skin supple, resulting in less vibrancy and plumpness.

HOW:When you’re craving carbs, choose complex ones, like whole grains, recommends Dr. Day. The body processes these foods more slowly than simple carbs,                      so there’s no insulin spike to which skin would react.

images5 SALT

WHY:Getting more than the American Heart Association’s daily recommendation of 1,500 mg of sodium can lead to high blood pressure, which can weaken the skin by affecting collagenAnd that can cause wrinkles, especially in thin-skinned areas, like around your eyes. Salt also can cause puffiness by your eyes.

HOW:A skin-friendlier way to flavor your food are herbs

images6 DAIRY

WHY:Milk contains components related to the hormone testosterone that may stimulate oil glands in the skin, setting the stage for acne.

HOW:try different types of milk like almond or soy, don`t forget that calcium is very important so increase your intake of leafy greens (kale) , brocoli and other greens that are rich in calcium. You can still have yogurt especially greek yogurt which hasn`t shown any link to acne , and if you really don`t want to give up milk try whole milk instead of skimmed studys have shown it has less of an effect.

Now that I have included all your favorite foods pretty much in the no go area , tune back Wednesday when I will have a more cheerful part 2 with all the foods that will improve your skin. They might not include ice-cream but there might be chocolate .

20 thoughts on “The SKIN DIET (PART 1: bad foods)

    1. Honestly I don`t think I could give up all those, its just like any other diet you need to evaluate what skin problems you have and try eliminating that category from your diet , if you see results in a month that means it is working if not you can go back to eating it. And in any case these are thing that are also not to great for your health and figure so it would be another reason for a healthier lifestyle.

      P.S. If it is any consolation , chocolate is on the To Eat list, well dark chocolate but still that is something right?

    1. Of course , thank you for your input , its all about finding the right alternative for you, that you can incorporate into your lifestyle not what the diet book teals you to.

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